How To Make Your House More Energy Efficient

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How To Make Your House More Energy Efficient

The cost of energy is constantly rising and people all over the world are looking for better ways of saving energy. Saving energy go a long way in reducing monthly bills hence enabling homeowners to save some money. The statistic shows that energy-related costs are the highest among all the home utility bill and it is therefore vital for people to review the amount of energy they use.

The following are some of the ways that one can adapt to reduce the energy use and subsequent energy cost.

Spray foam insulator

Spray form insulator is a high-quality spray which helps in reducing the loss of indoor heat and cooling. The use of spray helps lower the amount of energy used leading reduced monthly expenditure. The use of spray also helps in eliminating noise dust and other pollution creating a good home environment. A resident of Cincinnati Ohio is lucky as there are many Cincinnati insulation contractors who supply the spray foam insulator.

Changing the old appliances

Old appliance tends to use more energy than the new one which is more energy efficient. It is therefore vital to replace the old appliance with the one which is energy efficient which will be a good step in saving energy.

Sealing and insulating your home

A well-sealed home if more comfortable and very effective in reducing energy consumption. Doors, windows walls, and ceiling should be properly sealed to avoid air leaks and keep the warm air inside the house especially during cold periods.   d.Avoid energy wastage

Many people waste energy mostly when using an appliance in the wrong way. It is crucial to switch the appliance, not in use and when using the appliance always ensure they are in energy saving mode.

Another vital thing to do is to make sure when going for a vacation or you not at home for sometimes unplugging all the appliance from the power source. An appliance which breakdown should be promptly repaired as it uses more energy when used in bad condition.

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Soffits Stuffed With Insulation

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Soffits Stuffed With Insulation

Spray Foam Soffits

So I went and looked a house today that had a lot of ice dams and water stains around the recessed can lights. From what I can tell, the soffits are almost completely stuffed with insulation and it isn’t vented very well. Insulation is 12-14 inches thick. What is the best way to fix this so it doesn’t happen again? I asked a few friends.

“Best way is obvious. Removal use spray foam insulation,” one of them said.

“Use the right baffles. Looks like a 12″ where a 24″ should be,” said another. I replied, “Yeah I was going to pull out all the 12’s and put in 24’s and blow another 6-8inches on top. I’m just unsure if that will fix his problem.”

“Proper venting will go a long way. Right now it 50% less air flow then it should be. Is ridge vent good to?”

“No ridge venting,” I said. “It has 3 roof vents on that section of house.”

Another friend chimed in, “You want to keep a balanced pressure in the attic. If output is limited to only gable vents, cutting the input down is always a good bet. If you’ve got too much airflow and nowhere for it to go but down, you’re bound to have moisture problems. If you can’t foam it, at least try and equalize the pressure. Run a blower door if possible to cut off some of the infiltration points that can be fixed from the attic, that will keep the excess attic pressure from pushing into the conditioned space.”

Thanks for the lecture.

The conversation continued. “Since your already talking adding more blown, you could also suggest going around and can foam as many of the penetrations as you can find. It’s actually not too bad if you can get a decent layout of the walls below and the light fixtures.”

“Yeah I brought up doing that. Any other suggestions?”

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