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Types of Flowers for Weddings

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Types of Flowers for Weddings

A wedding day is a very important day, it is where you will have to properly commit your love into your lover and vow to be committed with each other. Since the wedding day is very important, flowers are also very important to have at the wedding as they held many meanings and traditions are passed down with wedding days. In this article we’ll talk about different flowers for your wedding day in order for you to have a meaningful day and to keep up the traditions till this day. It’s very important to have something that reminds you of this wedding day, a picture would be great, you can hire a destination wedding photographer for a professionally take pictures.

• A Carnation Wedding Flower

Carnations are quite popular to have in a wedding as they held a great meaning but also an amazing visual to look at while you are at the wedding day. This flower, carnation has many origins in it, it is associated in Greek, Latin, and Roman mythology and facts, the carnation flower has flower-like petals in the flower petals itself. The carnation flower has many colors in it, the colors are pink, dark red, light red, white, purple, and yellow, they mean good luck, admiration, love, affection, gratitude, and purity. So, if you are looking for a flower that has many varieties, is associated in many origins, and has many meaning good and bad then this flower is for you.

• A Succulent Wedding Flower

Although, the succulent flower is not as popular as the others but they are a quite unique and held many meanings, they are flower to must have in wedding days. They are the flowers that are great in different flower arrangements and are great accent to have in different bouquet, backdrop or centerpieces if you add the flower to it. They are quite durable and are great and resisting high heat, in the flower language dictionary, they mean timeless love and because of that it is perfect for wedding days. So, if you’re looking for a flower that is a great addition to your wedding and has a wonderful meaning then this flower is for you to have at weddings.

• Calla Lily Wedding Flower

Calla lilies are getting popular little by little in the flower industry and the wedding industry because of the beauty and unusual look it has compare to the other flowers. The calla lily has a modern look and feel into it, they are quite elegant and they are also quite expensive looking and they’re great for weddings too in life. Calla lilies have many varieties and colors too, the meaning they held is that royalty, passion, admiration, and appreciation which makes them a big hit in the industry other than the beauty. So, if you are looking for a flower that has an elegant and modern feel into it then the calla lilies are here for you to have on your wedding day.

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